about us
At Al Khan there is a story behind every produced piece. Each item is created with passion and love for authenticity that lies within Arabian and Islamic arts and calligraphy. Moving to a new home, I envisioned one that carries an identity, one that mixes modern and Islamic arts in a refined manner, but the market options were quite limited and lacked the artistic sense I was looking for so I decided it was time to put my passion to work and start creating my own. That’s how Al Khan came to life. A dream of my own just grew bigger and limitless. I started off creating handmade and individually designed brassware and home accessories. Brass specifically because it never loses its vintage feel and therefore never loses its value and beauty – they make the pieces timeless. Our brass products are handmade with limitless design combinations integrating vintage designs with modern influences. Since the inception of our company, we lived by “customers first”. Our designs are inspired by our customers' needs and wants. We strive to produce an exclusive and unique experience that reeks of quality and artistry.

At Al Khan we support Egyptian craftsmanship. Each item is produced by Egyptian handymen and women. It's our pleasure to serve you.